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2006 Top 100 Prospects: 51-100

February 22, 2006

Baseball America's 17th annual Top 100 Prospects list is based on each player's long-term major league value, a combination of his upside and his likelihood of reaching that ceiling. Consideration was given to each player's physical skills as well as his track record of performance. All players who haven't exceeded the rookie limits of 50 innings or 130 at-bats are eligible, regardless of their big league service time. Founding editor Allan Simpson, editors in chief Will Lingo and John Manuel, and executive editor Jim Callis compiled the top 100 after discussions with general managers, scouting directors, farm directors, scouts, managers and instructors. The quotes on each player were gathered by Baseball America staff and correspondents. Minor league managers are identified with their 2005 clubs.

51. BRIAN ANDERSON, of, White Sox

"He can do just about anything he wants to do on the field. You don't find too many guys with all the tools to play any position out there in the outfield."
--White Sox farm director David Wilder
ETA: 2006

52. JASON HIRSH, rhp, Astros

"He really made huge strides. He really pitched inside effectively and is able to locate his fastball anywhere he wants to. He really stepped up this year and took the bull by the horns."
--Astros farm director Ricky Bennett
ETA: 2007

53. JEREMY SOWERS, lhp, Indians

"He just commands all his pitches well and finds a way to get it done. Sometimes you don't know how he did it, but by that time you're walking back to the dugout shaking your head."
--Winston-Salem manager Chris Cron
ETA: 2006

Hansen54. CRAIG HANSEN, rhp, Red Sox

"You can see the kid has all the talent in the world. He's got a major league arm and major league stuff."
--Red Sox manager Terry Francona
ETA: 2006

Elbert55. SCOTT ELBERT, lhp, Dodgers

"He made quick bats look like palm trees through peanut butter."
--Greenville manager Chad Epperson
ETA: 2008

56. EDISON VOLQUEZ, rhp, Rangers

"He's got special arm speed, special arm strength, special talent and special makeup. He's got a great temperament for the game and a very special set of skills."
--Former Rangers farm director Dom Chiti
ETA: 2006

Weaver57. JERED WEAVER, rhp, Angels

"He's a polished pitcher with an innate feel for putting hitters away."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2006

58. JASON KUBEL, of, Twins

"You never know how a player is going to rebound mentally from injuries, but with Jason there's never been any doubt of where his desire is. It's to be back on the field."
--Twins farm director Jim Rantz
ETA: 2006

59. JOHN DANKS, lhp, Rangers

"He's always grouped with Thomas Diamond and Edison Volquez because they've played together all year. But people need to realize that he's playing with them and he's two years younger."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2007

60. JEFF MATHIS, c, Angels

"I've loved him forever. I think he's probably better defensively than offensively because of his intangibles. I love his makeup."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2006

61. ELVIS ANDRUS, ss, Braves

"He has it all for his age. His whole game is very mature."
--GCL Tigers manager Kevin Bradshaw
ETA: 2009

Patton62. TROY PATTON, lhp, Astros

"I think Troy is as good of a lefthander as we have brought into this system since I've been here. His stuff is plenty good."
--Astros senior director of player personnel Paul Ricciarini
ETA: 2007

63. JONATHAN BROXTON, rhp, Dodgers

"He blows it by people, has deception in his delivery, a power breaking ball and a feel for it. Broxton looked like a bigger Bartolo Colon out there, with a better body."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2006

Jones64. ADAM JONES, of/ss, Mariners

"He brings so much to every game. He'll find a different way to beat you on any given day."
--Bakersfield manager Arnie Beyeler
ETA: 2007

Sanders65. MARCUS SANDERS, ss/2b, Giants

"He runs down the line as fast as any guy I've seen in a long time. He's one of those players who can change a game with his speed."
--Augusta manager Roberto Kelly
ETA: 2008

66. KENJI JOHJIMA, c, Mariners

"He has a very quick release and a plus arm. He's a very confident kid and he likes to run the game."
--Chiba Lotte Marines manager Bobby Valentine
ETA: 2006

Nippert67. DUSTIN NIPPERT, rhp, Diamondbacks

"He just kept pounding his fastball, and being a big guy, it came in at a downhill plane. This guy is a power pitcher, a big guy with a good future."
--Jacksonville manager John Shoemaker
ETA: 2006

68. COLE HAMELS, lhp, Phillies

"We don't want to get too excited because he hasn't pitched much the past year and a half. By the same token, we don't want to hold him back if he's ready."
--Phillies assistant general manager Mike Arbuckle
ETA: 2006

69. YUSMEIRO PETIT, rhp, Marlins

"When you throw 3-and-2 changeups down in the zone with late bite, it's cheating. And he's doing all that off a plus fastball."
--Portland manager Todd Claus
ETA: 2006

70. JEFF NIEMANN, rhp, Devil Rays

"He's so big and long, everything is just right on top of you. He has huge upside."
--San Jose manager Lenn Sakata
ETA: 2007

71. BRAD SNYDER, of, Indians

"He just carries himself differently. You see that maturity in his approach at the plate, in the field. Just everything he does commands your attention."
--Winston-Salem hitting coach Andy Tomberlin
ETA: 2007

Diamond72. THOMAS DIAMOND, rhp, Rangers

"He's a big, strong Southern boy. There's little doubt in my mind, he could come in and have a Jonathan Papelbon-type break-in and help us out of the pen this year, but he's a starter."
--Rangers general manager Jon Daniels
ETA: 2007

Gonzalez73. GIO GONZALEZ, lhp, Phillies

"His curve was unreal and he throws it anytime, anywhere."
--Savannah manager Randy Knorr
ETA: 2007

74. JAVIER HERRERA, of, Athletics

"His best tool is everything. He can run, he has a phenomenal arm, he has power and he can hit."
--Cedar Rapids manager Bobby Magallanes
ETA: 2008

75. MATT MOSES, 3b, Twins

"He has some real life off of that bat. If it's a hittable pitch in the zone, he puts the barrel on the ball, and that's not something you can teach."
--Fort Myers manager Riccardo Ingram
ETA: 2007

76. JAY BRUCE, of, Reds

"He's a five-tool player, and they're kind of rare. He's a center fielder, and the only question is if he grows out of it size-wise."
--Reds scouting director Terry Reynolds
ETA: 2008

77. DUSTIN PEDROIA, 2b/ss, Red Sox

"Everyone scoffed at him and underestimated his ability to play at a high level, but this guy is a winner. The more I watched him beat us in just about every phase of the game, the more I began to realize how much this guy does."
--Norwich manager Dave Machemer
ETA: 2006

Morales78. KENDRY MORALES, 1b, Angels

"He's a guy who can swing the bat pretty darn good. If the guy comes to camp and shows us he's right to be in the major leagues, we'll find a way for him to be in the major leagues."
--Angels general manager Bill Stoneman
ETA: 2007

79. JASON HAMMEL, rhp, Devil Rays

"He went through his ups and downs when he got here, but his stuff plays bigger than it is sometimes. And a 90-mph fastball with that hard curve is pretty big already."
--Durham manager Bill Evers
ETA: 2006

80. JOSH JOHNSON, rhp, Marlins

"He's a true power guy, with a fastball between 91-96. He goes at you and isn't afraid to go inside."
--Tennessee manager Tony Perezchica
ETA: 2006

81. HAYDEN PENN, rhp, Orioles

"The fastball's his best pitch, because he can throw it at any time and to all parts of the zone with command. But he's also got an awfully good curveball."
--Orioles farm director David Stockstill
ETA: 2006

82. BLAKE DeWITT, 3b, Dodgers

"He lets the ball get deep, shows the ability to drive the ball the other way and has easy pull power. The bat will be there."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2008

83. CLIFF PENNINGTON, ss, Athletics

"He's a gamer with tools. He's as good a shortstop as I've seen for a while."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2007

84. JUSTIN HUBER, 1b, Royals

"He has worked hard on his stroke. Everyone in the organization is impressed with the way he swings the bat."
--Royals vice president of baseball operations George Brett
ETA: 2006

85. MARK PAWELEK, lhp, Cubs

"He has rare ability. He already throws 92-95 mph, and he'll throw even harder."
--Cubs farm director Oneri Fleita
ETA: 2008

Duncan86. ERIC DUNCAN, 3b/1b, Yankees

"He had the kind of year you would expect a 20-year-old kid to have at Double-A. When he is going good ,he is real good at laying off the changeup and breaking ball, and he gets good cuts."
--Trenton manager Bill Masse
ETA: 2007

87. RICKY ROMERO, lhp, Blue Jays

"In addition to all of his physical abilities, the thing we like the most is his competitive nature, his will to win, which we kind of think sets him apart."
--Blue Jays scouting director Jon Lalonde
ETA: 2007

88. CESAR CARRILLO, rhp, Padres

"Carillo has an electric fastball, he locates it and he's aggressive. And his curveball can be really good, too."
--Padres scouting director Bill Gayton
ETA: 2007

Ethier89. ANDRE ETHIER, of, Dodgers

"You can't pitch him one way. You've got to throw everything and the kitchen sink at him to get him out."
--Frisco manager Darryl Kennedy
ETA: 2006

90. NICK ADENHART, rhp, Angels

"He's getting there. His fastball was an easy 90-94. He just needs to learn when to throw which pitch."
--AZL manager Brian Harper
ETA: 2008

91. GLEN PERKINS, lhp, Twins

"He came to the park ready to pitch. He's a lefthander with a sneaky fastball that always seems to jump up on the hitters."
--Fort Myers manager Riccardo Ingram
ETA: 2006

92. RYAN SWEENEY, of, White Sox

"I'm confident Sweeney will hit for power. When he does, he'll have three plus tools: hitting for average, hitting for power and arm."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2008

93. ANTHONY LEREW, rhp, Braves

"He's a power guy with a ton of potential he's just begun to tap into."
--Richmond manager Pat Kelly
ETA: 2006

94. RONNY CEDENO, ss, Cubs

"He never missed a beat here. He has great physical skills, very good hands and wrists, great talent and work ethic. He does so many things."
--Iowa manager Mike Quade
ETA: 2006

95. TOM GORZELANNY, lhp, Pirates

"He has the stuff to win games in the big leagues. He has a chance to be a good one."
--Pirates farm director Brian Graham
ETA: 2006

Kemp96. MATT KEMP, of, Dodgers

"He can throw, run, steal a base, hit for average, hit for power, he's a good center fielder. He's got it all."
--Brevard County manager John Tamargo
ETA: 2007

97. CHRIS VOLSTAD, rhp, Marlins

"I was the hitting coach for the Marlins in Double-A in 2004 and I didn't see pitchers there with the command of all three pitches like he has."
--GCL Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez
ETA: 2008

James98. CHUCK JAMES, lhp, Braves

"I don't want to face that guy no more. It's that changeup. He threw me a 2-0 changeup and I thought I broke my bat on my back."
--No. 1 prospect Delmon Young
ETA: 2006

Reimold99. NOLAN REIMOLD, of, Orioles

"He's got five plus tools and he has a little bit more ability to use them than maybe we knew. He was a good first-round talent that we got in the second round. We're fortunate--really fortunate."
--Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan
ETA: 2007

100. ANTHONY SWARZAK, rhp, Twins

"This guy pitches like he's a big league pitcher. With the exception of John Danks last year, I haven't seen a high school kid polished like that. Nothing shakes this guy."
--Cedar Rapids manager Bobby Magallanes
ETA: 2007